Wednesday, December 21, 2011

6 Days to Go

oops.  I forgot to do my blog last night.  To my avid readers I would like to give you my sincere apologies.  To make up for it, I will give you a snippet of the conversation I had with my Mom online this morning.  I wont do this often, but its a good filler.  I love you, Mommy!!!! 

Dec 21 6:23 AM

  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:23 AM):‎ good morning.....had to refresh....what did i miss?
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:24 AM):‎ you missed nothing but me scratchin' my foot.
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:25 AM):‎ did you get the itch?
    Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:25 AM):‎ do you have a pampered chef ice cream scoop?
    Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:26 AM):‎ I slept!
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:27 AM):‎ no, it keeps coming back..... No, I don't have a pampered chef ice cream scoop. and I'm so glad you slept!!!!
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:28 AM):‎ ok. i just heard on the news that the scoops have been recalled
    Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:29 AM):‎ the scoops, not your foot
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:31 AM):‎ recalled? How dangerous can scoops be?
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:31 AM):‎ they blow apart when they are put in warm damage and personal injuries
    Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:31 AM):‎ no blog yesterday? :(
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:32 AM):‎ ouch.
    elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:32 AM):‎ CRAP!!! I forgot!!!!
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:33 AM):‎ yeh ouch. I love that blog!
    Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:34 AM):‎ what's on your plate for today?
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:35 AM):‎ apparantly an apology blog, review and send my transcription, finish up wrapping, and I'm sure a ton of other stuff. Christmas is a few days away and I have no cookies!!!
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:35 AM):‎ uh oh
    Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:35 AM):‎ how many do you need?
    Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:37 AM):‎ I thought you made cookies. Snickerdoodles?
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:37 AM):‎ I dont know... I'm having a group of people the day after.....
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:37 AM):‎ Did Cassie go to school yesterday
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:37 AM):‎ they are gone. some to steve, some saved for phyllis....
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:37 AM):‎ ahhhhh
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:37 AM):‎ yes, with no problem!!!
    elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:37 AM):‎ is amanda and jesse coming? brb
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:37 AM):‎ don't know yet. I told them to bring sue too
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:42 AM):‎ That would be great!!!
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:43 AM):‎ yes it would
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:45 AM):‎ I'm trying to figure out how much and what kind of beer I need..... the only alcohol we have in the house is some chocolate vodka.....
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:45 AM):‎ I get my new propane tanks today
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:45 AM):‎ WOHOO!!!!!
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:45 AM):‎ ewwwww
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:47 AM):‎ ewwww?
  • Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:47 AM):‎ chocolate vodka
    Helen Dunlap (Dec 21 6:48 AM):‎  I would only get a 12 pack of some type of light beer
  • elpinkaminco (Dec 21 6:48 AM):‎ oh, no. so yummy!!! especially in coffee!!!!!
    So that should hold you until tonight when I have something to write about!!!


  1. Oh. My. Lord. Mother, we do love you. And my Christmas wish is to never have an ice cream scoop blow up. Keep your fingers crossed's a crazy world out there!

  2. Thats why I just use a really big spoon... bowls optional.